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fidecoin is the first local reward currency for businesses and cities.

Digital currency designed to revolutionize loyalty programs, improving customer experiences through multiple benefits.


The Magic TPE rewards in local currency and animates the members of the city's club

Attract customer clubs from cities, banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies.

Attracting CSE clubs: companies, administrations, banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies)

Program membershipmembre

Bank card

Bank cards become rewards cards.

Registration automatic customers to your program.

Rewards smart with fidecoin Rewards.


fidecoin with Whatsapp improves customer communication through personalized interactions, facilitates access to services and simplifies transactions.

Mobile wallet

Integrating fidecoin with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet improves accessibility and user experience, enhances transaction security, and makes it easier to manage loyalty rewards.


How does fidecoin boost my business?

By rewarding your customers with fidecoin at each payment, you build customer loyalty. In addition, customers who have Fidecoin accumulated at other nearby businesses are free to come and spend them at your place. You can also send out promotional offers via an advertising channel on WhatsApp.

What are the advantages of TPE fidecoin Pay?

The TPE fidecoin Pay offers a versatile solution allowing merchants to accept credit card payments while simultaneously issuing fidecoin. Thanks to this innovative technology, merchants can now integrate fidecoin as a payment method within their establishment.

TPE fidecoin Pay automatically recognizes a customer's credit card, greatly simplifying the process of issuing fidecoin, fidecoin's reward currency. Thus, no additional steps are required for the trader. In a single device, merchants can now manage both CB transactions and the issuance of fidecoin.

What is a rewards program?

A rewards program is a system set up by businesses to encourage customer loyalty by offering them benefits and rewards in exchange for their purchases or engagement. These programs may include discounts, gifts, accumulated points, and other incentives, aimed at strengthening brand relationships and driving sales.

How much does TPE fidecoin Pay cost?

Explore the competitive advantages of TPE fidecoin Pay compared to traditional TPEs. Contact us now to get all the details about this exclusive offer!

How do I get a Fidecoin Pay TPE?

Once you have accepted our offer, a member of our team will quickly visit your store to install and configure the TPE, so you can start enjoying its benefits without delay.

How many customers can fidecoin bring me?

Classic loyalty programs are known to increase the recurrence of purchases by up to 35%, thus strengthening customer loyalty. With fidecoin, you not only stimulate repeat purchases, but you also attract new customers. Indeed, our reward currency is cumulative and usable throughout your partner network. In addition, you have the option of conducting marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to inform members of the network about current promotions. It's a winning strategy for retaining your existing customer base and expanding your potential customer base.