The program

fidecoin stands out for its flexibility and independence.
By using a universal digital currency, members enjoy a great deal of freedom in using their rewards.
Earning Fidecoins

You can earn fidecoins by using your bank card, sponsoring, using branded coupons, and receiving rewarded ads.

Use fidecoins

You can use your fidecoins by exchanging them for discounts, services, or rewards offered by the program, such as discounts on purchases.


Benefits and XP for Members

The most committed members are recognized and rewarded with exclusive benefits.
The XP-based structure encourages members to progress and unlock new benefits by accumulating XP.
Gamified with an experience point (XP) system, increasing user engagement and interest.

Your payments are rewarded with our partners.

Simply join the program.

Ask your partner merchant!
Step 1

Scan the QR code for your payment on the payment terminal.

Step 2

Sign up for the program via our WhatsApp assistant.

Step 3

Download your membership card via Apple, Google or Samsung Wallet.

Rewards for everyone.

Our customers are satisfied!
Club de ville

Le Plessis-Trévise

Grâce au programme fidecoin, je me sens valorisé par mes commerçants. Leur programme de récompenses est unique et très avantageux

Paul M.
May 11, 2024
Club de ville


Je suis fier d’être membre du programme de récompense de ma ville. C’est une très bonne initiative pour inciter à la consommation locale.

Jean M.
October 20, 2024
Club de ville

Lamentin (Guadeloupe)

C’est génial d’avoir une monnaie locale de récompense qui boost l’économie locale de notre ville.

Lisa P.
August 11, 2023

Fidecoin wallet

Via your Wallet (Apple, Google or Samsung), you will find a “show details” button as well as a “verify your account” button. There you can check your fidecoins balance, view your total balance, see your recent transactions with your merchants, and view your rewards.


Is fidecoin euros?

Fidecoin is the reward currency managed by fidecoin Tech. This currency is accumulated in shops and can be used in shops universally.

In which country is Fidecoin available?

The fidecoin partners are located in the French Antilles and the metropolitan area. In the coming months we plan to open other countries.

I have an online business, is fidecoin right for me?

The aim of fidecoin is to reward purchases in physical stores. This is why our solution is available on TPEs.

I already have a loyalty program, can I use fidecoin?

fidecoin offers you a payment tool with a loyalty program for your current customers and future members. It is recommended that you switch your current customer base in order to take advantage of all the advantages that fidecoin can offer to your members.

Is fidecoin easy to use?

We created fidecoin for merchants with merchants. We make sure to gather feedback from our partners and their members. Thus, our solution aims to be very easy to use for members. Everything is done simply via WhatsApp and the Mobile Wallet on their phone.

What can fidecoin do for me?

fidecoin is a payment and reward solution. If you are a partner merchant, our TPE will allow you to cash in your customers in an innovative way while rewarding them. This will increase the number of visitors to your business. Another advantage is that you will no longer have to manage commercial tickets. Everything is digitized, from your tickets to the reconciliation. fidecoin provides you with a personalized dashboard that brings together all the information of your business.